Bangladesh / COX'S BAZAR


Surf season: May to October.

Best time: May to October.


Break type: Beach and reef breaks.

Going there from Singapore:

1) Fly 6h50mn to Chittagong via Kuala Lumpur

2) Drive 4h40mn to Kolatoli Beach

About the place:

Coming soon... Surfing Bangladesh


Myanmar / PATHEIN


Surf season: May to October.

Best time: May to October.


Break type: Beach breaks.

Going there from Singapore:

1) Fly 2h50mn direct to Yangon

2) Drive 5 hours to Chaungtha

About the place:

Myanmar's northern coast line is open to the Bay of Bengal and receives mainly wind swell. The most accessible surfing beaches are located in Pathein area. Chaungtha is the closest Beach to Yangon and the logical starting point of surf road trips. From the southern tip of Pathein, up to the north along the coast of the Rakhine state, unexplored surf possibilities await. Surf practice is still confidential: empty waves guaranteed! Hotels used to close business during the rainy season, but now they open year-round as tourism is growing.


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